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2007 – The Cocoon – New concept of clothing store _ Italy


Program New concept of clothing store
Place Italy
Team Eric Cassar
Owner Color designing

General Principles¬† Mix purchase and pleasure, discovery and experimentation … Share and dare another self-image.

This new retail concept proposes a new « relationship » between the customer and the product (clothe). It brings him in a unique muffled and changeable environment. Customers share equally with others. The cocoon acts as if they were at home (with friends) with plenty of new clothes. They can try easily, freely and fast any clothes. The act of buying offers experimentation.

The concept involves customers as they need to wear the flesh suit before entering to the shop. They should take off their clothes (except underwear) and shoes and wear the suit. Then they can easily try every clothes they want in the shop.

It requieres the customer to do an effort before entering but then it brings him freedom to easily try whatever he wants. It avoids any theft. In the shop, customers don’t have pre establish style anymore. Poor, rich, fashion, classical customers are equal in the flesh suit. They can test any style… in a multimedia interactive environment.


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