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2008-2010 – Haussmann-style building _ Paris France



Program Rehabilitation of an Haussmann-style building
Floor area 1100 m²
Place Paris, France
Owners private
Team Éric Cassar, Yacine Touazi, Eva Biguères, Lucie Rieutord in collaboration with Marcel Martin architect
Engineering Seurat ingénierie (structure engineering), Almon (light)
Chartered building surveyor Qualiconsult
Contractors Mesh (demolition), IPI (masonry), Lcpm (stonemason), RPF (stonemason), BYP (roof timberwork), Aquastyl (air conditioning, plumbing, roof cladding), SSG 1948 (metal work), Eschlimann (staff), Caseiro (electricity), MFA (elevator), SEET (woodworks), EGB (waterproofing work), SDR Bouguet (every trade), Climétude (mechanical ventilation), Chape IDF (cement screed)


General principles complete renovation of an Haussmann-style building, classical style, high range services.
-Replacement of windows.
-Framing, roofing, plumbing, electrical, air conditionning installation, elevator
-Redevelopment of interioir spaces : common parts and private spaces : offices and homes


Apartment on the 6th floor is a large and bright open space. The living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, and the bathroom follow each other and can be entirely open. Sliding partitions are hiding in a storage space behind a large library. Thanks to these sliding partitions, the living space, bedroom, and bathroom can belong to a single volume or otherwise define three independant volumes.

The hall was completly rebuilt, salvage stone walls and sculture like the past, lay a marblefloor, full recovery of the comblanchien stairs, rail with upper rail, mirror polished stainless steel, use of mirrors, play with artificial light (wall, ceiling, chandelier). The door has been designed using all these elements from an ironwork catalog in 1881. It could have been created at that time. The client preferred a non-original door design.

The elevator plays with materials, the mirror to enlarge the space and quilting to relax. We find the same play of light as used in the staircase.


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