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2009 – Dubai Cloud _ Dubai United Arab Emirates


Project Tall Emblem Strcture in Za’abeel Park
Program Lift to cloud
Place Dubaï, United Arab Emirates
Surface ground 1000m² / sky terrace 300m²
Team Eric Cassar, Lucie Rieutord, Marwen Belkhiria and Felicie d’Estienne d’Orves (artist/light conception)
Owner ThyssenKrupp Elevator

General Principles Have a drink in Dubaï Cloud

This project offers a new environment for visitors and inhabitants of the Emirates. Thanks to a fresh atmosphere adapted to the hot climate; it becomes a pleasure to have a drink outside, feet into mist looking at Dubaï skyline.

Za’abeel Park emblem is a moving architecture which never seems the same. Its envelope, made of mist is not solid and predetermined. It is generated thanks to the water of a lake at eh bottom of the tour. Its boundary disperses, it ‘moves’ every second. Its shape changes with the climate (wind, air streams…). By night Dubaï cloud becomes a screen. Images are projected from the café by projectors and video projectors, evolving with aleatory movement of the cloud.

By night, Dubaï cloud becomes a screen which diffuses light and colour. Project is seen from any tower in the distance. It broadcasts video art such as Arabic calligraphy, geometric design, 3 dimensional arabesques in movement…. Punctually, artists from over the world could be invited to create an artwork exclusively for this place.

People access to the cloud café, 150m high, by a glass elevator wrapped into a perforated stainless steel skin. Variation of perforation creates a moving light and shadow game inside the lift during the elevator trip. It produces a filter which creates special glimpses on Dubai town. From the outside, elevators column melt into the landscape, into the sky.



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