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2010 – CPM office _ Paris France


Project Agency for a show producer and agent
Program Office conversion
Surface 130 m2
Place Paris, France
Owners Private
Planning March to June 2010
Team Eric Cassar, Céline Lecoute, Nathalia Lucar, Juvenal Rubinos
Contractors KBK (demolition, partition, ceiling), Prodéco (paint, floor), Sogeba (electricity)

General principles  To transform the long and dark corridor into a pleasant space, to create a small reception area, to let the light enter, and to generate an identity to the place.


Visible from the entrance the corridor acts as a place of passage, a passage from the waiting area to the offices. We played with two different environments. A white one for its ability to reflect light and a red one because it is the color associated with theater. A raking light and an oblique ceiling accentuates the difference between these two environments. The visitor will pass the luminous atmosphere of the white environment to the more muffled one of the red environment. It recalls the passage from the entrance to the scene … Here, the scene is the offices of producers and agents flooded with light and color.


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