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2010 – Center for Promotion of Science _ Belgrade Serbia


Program Centre for promotion of science
Area 14 000 m²
Place Belgrade – Serbia
Team Eric Cassar, Juvenal Rubinos, Ahmed Najjar, Lucie Rieutord
Owner Ministry of Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia
Calendar November 2010

General Principles The objective is to create a science center with its own identity adapted to its time, to the site and to the cost requests. This science center, melt into nature, changes and interacts with the surrounding environment


In contrast with the existing, the centre for promotion of science is a curved low building melted into vegetation. It is animated thanks to moving elements such as lights, balloon… It is made with curved surfaces which come from the same tunnel formwork. Next to it, buildings for the University of Science are high buildings with straight lines.

Ground and vegetation take fully part of the project. Onlookers passing their way or students of the science and art campus have the opportunity to breath, stroll or have a rest in this new park. Playing with horizontal curved lines, the building is not a boundary. It is melted into environment. Ground goes over a part of the main gallery. It makes easier pedestrian displacements and that way strollers can have a look on the outside closed garden and on parts of exhibitions which take places in the museum galleries.


Entering directly in the centre of the lobby, under the dome, visitors have access to the different elements of the program: administration, conference hall, café, shop, restaurant, ticket office…
Access to the temporary exhibition is on the ground floor, access to the planetarium and to the permanent exhibition is on the first floor.
As there is no column into the galleries, the Center for promotion of arts permits any kind of inside laying outs.


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