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2013 – Villa F _ Clamart France

Projet Villa F
Programme House extension
Lieu Clamart, France
Équipe Eric Cassar, Christophe Grange, Juan Alfaro, Laurent Ravri

General principles This extension is similar to a base on which we can find a small belvedere house in height.
The contex:
It’s is a corner lot located at the intersection beetween La route du pavée blanc and La rue voltaire. The urban tissu is at the edge of a residencial area mainly made by individual houses. Most of them, date back the beggining and the middle of 20th century. On the other side of the route du pavé blanc, there is a new building area composed by shop on the ground floor with collective housing over. Some of the houses of the residential area have been renovated and enlarged. They have a height of R+1 or R+2, the new buildings have an height of R+3 on the street, and R+4 / R+5 beyond.

The existing construction is located in the middle of the lot and is totally preserved. The house dated from 1963, has been built over several period of time and as several vernacular architecture examples, is made of many additions.


The extension, the implementation of new volumes.

Rather than enlarging the existent in the height on its existing footprint, we keep the existing house as it stands and we renovate each of its facade. We enlarge it by adding two new adjacent volumes:

- A one floor volume on rue Voltaire side with which we amplify the architectural game of the roof.
- A second volume, more visible on the back of the land. This extension is located on the back of the parcel, it is a new construction on 3 levels with 2 parking spaces on the ground floor.

The idea of the project is to keep the charm of the existing house and reinforce architectural vocabulary of small constructions adding several « new volumes », in particular, « a new belvedere house » as if suspended above the exiisting one.


Materials used :

The materials used is mainly the coating with a game of pastel colors which quote the colors proposed by the city (green, yellow, pink and white). The small Belvédère house is made with a zinc roof and a wood framing to dissociate it from the ground floor, to highlight the small scale and to reinforce suspension idea.



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