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2014 – Metro Station _ Moscow Russia

Project New metro station
Floor area 6 500 m2
Place Peredelkino, Moscow, Russia
Team Eric Cassar, Sami El Khattabi, Fadia Ajili, Leopold Bouat, Emily de Oliveira, Gong He + Nicolas Moulin, architect + Bernard Fric, interior designer

General Principles Two stripes come from the street and plunge underground to the platform where they reveal famous literature history of the Peredelkino district. A living history that anyone is invited to go on.


Passengers enter by one of the 4 iconic pavilions and in between two emerging walls (or stripes) scaled in accordance with the surrounding urbanity.
Those stripes guide the passenger to the train through two different atmospheres (one dynamic, one calm).

Passing the vestibule area, a breath in the path, and dedicated to the metro services, the passenger accesses the platform and discovers the two stripes secret mysteries: a sequence of 24 thematic niches as attractive waiting zones.

Most of them are dedicated to the famous past and present artists of Peredelkino while others integrate dedicated metro utilities such as maps, information and advertising.

Some include interactive devises and live images displayed with others Moscow subways, to propose new and unique social links.



The two stripes coming form the entrance divide the space in 3 different atmospheres : one platform is lit with sunset color, the other with blue night color. In between, the 2 stripes hide the columns structure while defining singular waiting areas.

Those 24 thematic niches proposed various activities dealing with culture (Peredelkino literature history), advertising and services (map, food dispensers). They include screens connected to other waiting areas of the Moscow subway.


The pavilion

Entrance pavilions are visible in the distance as gate entrances to the underground : an invitation to go down. They are made of 2 stripes (or walls) that will lead, continuously, the passengers from the surface to the train.
Each stripe has its own identity discussing with the other. They include colored glass opening that create special natural light atmosphere quoting both the light effects inside the subway station and the niches pattern of the platform waiting areas.


The below street

The below-street underpass becomes a rainbow tunnel. It is a changing colored light tunnel. The tunnel is colored in 5 different colored atmospheres which smoothly change themselves depending on 2 inputs parameters : the number of people that are inside the tunnel and the train arrivals in the station. This path offers a unique experience, that re-invent itself continuously.



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