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2018 – Exhibition & event center _ Veliko Tarnovo – Bulgaria


Program Multifunctional exposition center, concert hall
Surface 6760 m²
Place Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Owner City of Veliko Tarnovo, European Union – International Competition
Team Eric Cassar, Adeline Chan Hok Ming, Marina d’Avdeew, Djuneït Lapo, Abla Mrini, Laurène Vidal
Engineer Climatic engineering : Transsolar, Acoustician : Xu Acoustique

General principles The Exposition Center is designed according to the principles of « Movement Architecture », its shape changes depending on the point of view and the seasons. Its Terrace and Panoramic Restaurant, give a singular view on the landscape. Its main entrance opens up on a sloping square, which is a gathering place where people can seat and take a look at the landscape and the Old City. Three large screens on the facades broadcast real time images of the landscape, but also shows, informations on upcoming events, etc. This multifunctional exposition center allow different settings. It is composed of a large concert hall and 2 independant exhibition spaces. This adjustable space can be devided into 6 different parts that can be simultaneously used, for different types of events.


The Exhibition Center have been designed alongside the New Urban Center of Veliko Tarnovo New Urban Center. (See poject)
Movement Architecture

Architecture is not an object anymore. It is a movement, which means that it should change through time and space depending on:
- the observer’s point of view: the building seems different thanks to its shape and its different materialities playing with glass, different kinds of wood including burnt wood, metal, brick and vegetal concrete…
- the climate: thanks to water game on rainny days, east-sunlight reflection from the ‘tower’ on the gathering place, etc.
- the season: movable wood shading system, snow game etc.


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