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2018 – Living landscape _ Saint-Quentin – France

Program Réhabilitation – transformation and expérimentation (scale 1) around habitat / work in progress
Surface 75 m²
Place Saint-Quentin, France
Team Eric Cassar, Iker Germain, Laurène Vidal
Contractors GE & JE Décoration / Top Etanche / BYP

This project is a continuous experimentation around sensitive living space : atmosphere, trace, light, memory, reflexion, projection, matter, color, airstream, (city) vegetation, flexibility, frugality, re-use, smell, sound, appropriation, transformability, chance, rythm, (use) synergies, …, habitability, body posture in space, individual and relational perspectives (among others) through relief furniture (tested et approved here!): démonstration during lockdown with story and 14 « 1mn » short films.

A movement ar(t)chitecture, linving-landscape that get inspired and continue some researches from Claude Parent, Gordon Matta-Clark, Isidore Isou, Dan Graham…


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