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2018 – Living landscape _ Saint-Quentin – France

Here, architecture is an environmental instrument – video 2023.

Program Réhabilitation – transformation and experimentation around habitat
Surface 75 m²
Place Saint-Quentin, France
Calendar Work in progress since 2018
Team Eric Cassar (with Iker Germain and Laurène Vidal for the rehabilitation)
Contractors GE & JE Décoration / Top Etanche / BYP

This project is a continuous work on habitat, experimenting subtle architecture as environmental instrument. It deals with sensitive inhabited space: atmospheres, traces, light, memory, reflection, projection, material, colors, wind, temperature, vegetation (in the city), flexibility, frugality, reuse, smell, sound, appropriation, « transformability », chance, rhythms, synergy of uses, …, habitability, position of the body in the space, individual and relational perspectives.
Inhabited space is extended in the volume, particularly through relief furniture (démonstration during lockdown with story and 14 « 1mn » short films). It plays with the environment and regularly surprises its inhabitants.

This ar(t)chitecture, as a living space in movement (changing itself continuously), finds roots in the past work of Claude Parent, Gordon Matta-Clark, Isidore Isou, Dan Graham, Marcel Duchamp, Nicolas Schöffer… It was important for me (EC) to find/design a place allowing the in easy and almost immediate practice of ideas being developed. It is tested day by day in an inhabited space, on myself and my loved ones. A way to evaluate/improve the effects, the apprehension and the resonance of certain architectural concepts around the senses, spatiality and living together on the small scale of the habitat.


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