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__________________________________ is an urbanism + design + architecture firm, with a focus on research, design and construction of new and sustainable contemporary spaces. _______ It works on every scales (from furniture to city design), mainly concerning trail-blazing, innovative and/or atypical projects.__________


————————————— It works as project manager from design to use (alone or in joint-venture) and assistant to the contracting authority from programming to operating.____________


—————————————- It uses both old and new tools (from traditional and vernacular know-how to digital paradigms) and combines pragmatic (reason, logic), ecological (environments interactions) and poetic (feelings, emotions) approach. Eric Cassar, founder of Arkhenspaces, takes part and coordinate personally every projects.



Compose N-spaces


Because architecture is first to be lived (and not only to be seen), each project is a singular and subtle composition that aims to reintroduce surprise into the city and art in life. It is influential over architectural circles.

Created in 2005 by Eric Cassar, architect & construction engineer, ARKHENSPACES managed entirely more than twenty projects facing, each time, new technical challenges.

Based in Paris, ARKHENSPACES rely on the best specialists chosen depending on the specificities of the project: its nature (museum ≠ university ≠ station …), its place (local regulation) and the essence of its design (technical specificities…). It ensures the coordination and monitors the follow up of the design during all phases. Depending on the size of the project, it partners with other architecture firm (joint venture) with adapted references and experiences. Within the complexity, it ensures consistency and project enhancement from sketch until building completion.

At the same time, ARKHENSPACES works on theoretical and practical research subjects, especially concerning the concept of nspaces (*): ND cities (smart cities), immaterial architecture (intelligent green building / smart building), subtle ar(t)chitecture…

The studio has developed prototypes of motorway and urban services stations for Total (5th largest oil and gas company in the world). Three projects have been built in Netherlands. Another one is underway in Lebanon.

Moreover, since 2006 ARKHENSPACES has participated in more than 30 international competitions. It was the opportunity to develop new architectural and urban answers for any kind of program.

These projects were identified, exhibited, awarded and published in books and magazines in France and abroad.

In 2010, Eric Cassar received the architecture award from the French « Academie des Beaux Arts », Pierre Cardin prize which recognizes his overall work. In 2017, ARKHENSPACES wins the Great European Prize of Innovation Le Monde-Smart Cities with Infinity home, a new concept of housing in the digital era.

In 2018, ARKHENSPACES is part of the book « Young visionaries – the new generation of architects » Ed Braun. In 2019, it publishes Working with h(e)ar(t)mony, new uses, new spaces in the digital era with Vinci Facilities. It is the result of a work concerning work environment in the digital era started in 2017. Since 2015, ARKHENSPACES is a member of the Smart Buildings Alliance.


ARKHENSPACES advocates a subtle ar(t)chitecture : contextual, sustainable and innovative. A sensitive architecture that creates sens and sign within the city, within the life. Its researches and its architectural style amplify both its consistency and its uniqueness : it defines its « poetic ».

ARKHENSPACES searches and exalts architectural quintessences focused on constructive excellence and innovation.


Think and build in order to (make you) liVe Architecture




« Hability to regulate, connect and disconnect spaces environments interacting one with each other especially thanks to new technologies »

Space : 3 dimensions
Enspace : 4 dimensions (time and space)
nspaces : n dimensions

« Today architecture can not be satisfied anymore with a 4-dimensional organisation, it must be treated with the complexity of our time: a multi faceted world. It has to propose a work that has impact, creating connections between the individuals in and with these n dimensions [connected]. On the other hand it ‘extirpates’ individuals out of this communication nub [disconnected]. »

« Architecture should not freeze itself anymore. Architecture should be free flowing in nspaces even more than the reeds. This movement will be done in regards to the context. It will have to live according to the presence of its users and spectators but also independently. […] It must animate our cities image. »

« Faced with the bursting dimensions, the architect has to propose to tidy up and to organize the whole of the connections and disconnections. Architecture has to adapt and consider its time, the world and the whole. It has to point out certain primordial elements such as the “to be”, the “there” and “the unity”. »

Eric Cassar
«Arkhenspaces» 2006


Trailer: « ARKHENSPACES : architecture projects 2005-2010″




Arkhenspaces : projects 2005-2010 (20mn)


Choose singularity !



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