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2008 – Les Versants _ Haute Savoie France


Program Low consumption building with apartments and offices
Surface 1700 m²
Place Bonneville, Haute Savoie
Calendars Study 2008
Team Eric Cassar, Yacine Touazi, Marie-Agnès Desprès, Selma Fezzoua
Project owner Private
Engineering Cubic (economist), ABAC (BET)

General principle The objective is to create collective housing where occupants have the feeling to be in their own private house
Project consists of two buildings one next to the other. Each building is composed of three elements : one body in grey concrete where on one side wood houses get revealed at several altitudes and on the other side an oblique translucent front wall (double envelope) protects from the outside environment.

The oblique translucent wall, made of polycarbonate, is reflecting the sky. This frontwall is pierced with several windows made of coloured polycarbonate (stained glass atmosphere). This envelope delimits an in between space either inside or outside. This space that can be a winter garden or a winter terrace is protected from the climate (snow) and from the street noise. This envelope allows an adaptation to the climate. It heats the air in winter and thanks to special openings hot air gets outside in summer.

In front of the mountain, the outgrowths (small wood house) are floating at several altitudes into the vegetation. They offer summer terraces in the trees, allowing to listen to the birds, in front of the mountain.


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