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2009 – ND Town _ Triel-sur-Seine France



Project The Open sky loop – ND city
Place Triel-sur-Seine, France
Surface 400 000 m²
Team Eric Cassar, Khanh Pham, Sana Oualha, Lucie Rieutord
Client Europan 10

General Principles Global idea is to create a new landscape for Chanteloup loop (new ground floor floating into space) in connection with the surrounding districts, the Elements and nature. The district plays with movement created by flow or natural elements. Those energies are captured, concentrated and then transformed to be reused (ecology) while generating new atmospheres, new space poetries… The 3 dimensional town we propose constructs itself around 4 main ideas :to be Social, Pragmatical, Ecological and Poetic. That way this district generates a linked urbanity, a urbanity of the place, a green town, a living town which reinvents itself continuously…


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