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2015 – Descartes Ecocity _ Champs-sur-Marne France



Video with English subtitles


Program Ecocity / Smart-city : housings, offices, shops, activities, e-concierge service, car park
Place Champs-sur-Marne, France
Calendar urban pre-sketch 2015 / 2016 studies
Client EPA Marne /Call to Project « Ville de Demain – EcoCité 2  » (Caisse des dépôts) winning project
Team Éric Cassar, Osama Abou Samra, Yakoub Nasri, Marisa Benedetti, Thibault Chevilliet
Enginering / Partenairs Elithis, Urban Practices, Sodéarif (Linkcity)

General principles
Marne-la-vallée ‘ s Descartes Ecocity takes place on three blocks along the railway in line with Noisy-Champs’train station (main « grand Paris »‘s future station). Our choice is to open the buildings on the railway. The later becomes a meeting place, a center of the city. The bridges, which allow to connect the northern and the southern parts of the town, become public squares. These squares open on the inside of the blocks. Urban and architectural morphology protects, short-circuits and plays with noises thanks to a relief urbanism adapted to pedestrians and bike riders. This area, upcoming smart-city, offers to gather the uses. It adapts itself and plays with constraints by turning some defects into qualities. The project offers an adapted, complex and varied urban answer that stands in contrast with the search of an uniform comfort.


This project organizes itself around 7 themes :

- The Shared-city : sharing
To rethink/To manage/To adapt time and space according to the needs of the inhabitants, the users and the uses in order to share some spaces, at different scales, and between different groups of individuals.

- The Diversified city : social mix, diversity
To distribute and to share the urban intensities over time and space by carrying mixed programs providing a mutualisation of uses.

- the Poetic city : serendipity
To inject surprise in the city in order to generate smiles, enjoyment, meetings and social link through the intelligent use of the urban resources.

- The Agile city : adaptability
To create typologies of spaces which may change in the short-term or in the long-term, which may change of uses or change of users by adapting the place : a non-fixed area that must be able to transform itself according to new needs.

- The Wooded Town : fauna & flora
To create a biodiversity corridor between Grâce’s wood and the « Butte Verte » park by planting trees upright, at different levels of the buildings, following a bioclimatic and aesthetic approach.

- The Ingenious city : Not to answer to pre-concieved requirements, but adjust the environments to the needs. A city that is easy to maintain and that can turn its defects into qualities, but also a city providing services and well-beeing, a city where the digital technology is in the service of people and place (energy saving, networks, immaterial poetry…).

- The Productive city : Energy-Positive Territory
An energy-positive territory, saving energy but also producing it; a territory that works in concert with the neighbouring territories of Seine-et-Marne : production/sales of vegetables in cooperation with farmers, cultural productions (Ferme du Buisson), new industrial producers (FabLab, makers…).



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