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2017 – Light flowering _ Dijon France


Program Illuminate the street of Liberty in Dijon
Place Dijon, France
Client City of Dijon (competition) – finalist project
Team Eric Cassar, Tinhinan Laoubi, Aitor Ugartemendia Jimenez + Urban Practices (Christian Rozier)

General principles We will set the street of Liberty to music with light events. They will change in time and space. These smart systems will improve energy consumption and reintroduce surprise and poetry in the street.


The street is like a music score with striking, temporary and linear events. These events change in time and space.

Atmosphere principles

- Serendipity : « smart lighting », variation of light in time according to : seasons, hour, flow
- Conviviality : Meet around the light as under an elm or around a fire.
- Interactivity : Projection on ground and walls. One-time or linear actions

Intervention street of Liberty

- Facades : creation of a timbering candelabra located at the junction of buildings, in front of gutters. It allows to hide street imperfections.
- Ground and furniture : Technical plates on the street (drains, etc.) will be replaced by light slabs. Those slabs colour the street and show off the ground.

Candelabra sculptures

Contemporary candelabra will be composed of masts with lanterns, coloured floodlights, solar panels, wind turbines, interactive tablets or street furniture. They will become power generators and conviviality places. They will be related to Dijon as attractive and useful light sculptures.


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