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2017 – Route 5G


Program Route 5G : The road of future in relation with its environment
Place Champs-sur-Marne, France
Area 1 km
Client Eiffage
Team Eric Cassar, Tinhinan Laoubi, Aitor Ugartemendia Jimenez, Osama Abou Samra and Mathieu Bich
Partners Eiffage Route, Eiffage Aménagement, IFSTTAR

General principles Redesign the road of the future in its uses and in its relation with buildings and city. This road will give priority to the diversity of atmospheres than to uniformity. This work starts from researches led by Eiffage Route and the IFSTTAR. It opens new possibilities and can lead to new discoveries.

The plural road : at the same time connection and place

According to the subject, the moment and the climate, events appear or disappear. The plural road changes, fits in time and space.
Through 35 ideas divided in 7 themes, we will review the road definition and limits (localisation, size, nature, threshold) as well as the manifestation of synergies.

1/ Configuration and convertibility (ideas 1 to 4)

2/ Redefinitions of threshold (ideas 5 to 6)

3/ Embellishing the road (ideas 7 to 12)

4/ Matter and light (ideas 13 to 19)

5/ Appropriation and conviviality (ideas 20 to 23)

6/ Detailed poetry (or climatic) (ideas 24 to 30)

7/ Surprise and serendipity (ideas 31 to 35)


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