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2022 – The spatial Haiku

Program To question our relation to our physical environment : Gaia
Surface ___
Place ___ Its design and its installation has to be done in relation with the place.
Owner Eric Cassar
Team Eric Cassar, Virginia Beita, Caren El Helou

Haiku is a type of short form poetry originally from Japon, celebrating the evanescence of things and the feelings they arouse.

Spatial Haiku is a small piece of sacred ar(t)chitecture acting in interrelation with Me (observer dans actor) and Gaia (its Environment).
It is a door to mystery, a question.
It produces artful situations which reinvent themselves through various and changing effects. Some of them are rare.
It is first to be experienced.



A Spatial Haiku is a gateway, a poem, an environmental instrument that acts on and with its surroundings, changing the Environment and changing Me: observer and actor.

It never stops reinventing itself, changing through time and changing through space.

It expands Me’s inner space & body experience and proposes intertwined space-time events.

It can be part of a large network of Haikus connecting places and times.


Its main properties

- Changing environment
The Spatial Haiku colors the Environment creating new, variable and unpredictable landscapes.
It produces surprise.

- Changing Me
Approaching and experimenting the Spatial Haiku, changes my relation with the space and with the place.
The Spatial Haiku offers Me a new perception and new perspectives.

- Changing through time
The Spatial Haiku plays with the Environment thanks to physical and (or) digital systems.

- Changing through space
From the outside : The Spatial Haiku is a multifaceted entity, it cannot be fully understood from one view only. Walking around, Me discovers different sensorial appearances.
From the inside : The variety of the spots inside propose special atmospheres, while framing the outside Environment.

- Inviting to inner space & body experience
Each Spatial Haiku invites Me to adopt a wide variety of body positions.
The Spatial Haiku is a support for many uses, leading to subtle experiences that could affect the ongoing or future actions or uses.

- Producing space-time events
Thanks to physical or digital devices, Me can engage in relations with others: other Haikus, other Environments and other Mes, through space and time.

- Networking
Each Haiku is unique, it could become an element of a wide Haiku network.
Local – within the same museum/town/park…
Global – in different cities around the world



We have designed 3 first series of Haïku to be finalised depending on their location and their environment.



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