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Films & Radio
National Landscape and Architecture school in Bordeaux
Lecture : Words, praticals, projects – 1h11mn


Speaking about harmony
Architecture and design : tendancies and inspirations by Technal – 3mn


Terra Nova
Repport : To inhabit in 20 years – 2mn


Intodays – Palais des festivals in Cannes
Présentation of Mediterrapolis : new european smart-city – 13mn


IRI (Research and Innovation Institut) – Centre Pompidou
Lecture in the seminar : Urban intelligence after two centuries of industrialization with Bernard Stiegler


Interview during « Summer school for Smart-cities »


Living Differently : new uses and economic models, debate with Michel Maffesoli and Caroline Réminy


France Inter
Invitation to the radio show Grand Bien vous fasse with the sociologist Guy Tapie (in French) – 53mn


Instit Invest TV
Evolution and transformation of metropolis : which real estate investment strategies in France and abroad with Joël de Rosnay, Marc Bertrand (La Française), Julien Scarpa (Deutsche Asset Management) (in French) – 60mn


Agora Bordeaux
Interview during the exhibition at the Première Ligne Gallery (in French) – 4mn


Smart Buildings Alliance for Smart Cities
Interview for Summer Universities in Lyon (in French) – 3mn


Fabrique de la Cité – Lyon
What digital says about the complexity in the city (in French) – 54mn


Architecture serving the living
Interview for TEDxSaclay (in French) – 2mn


Art Interview
Interview of Eric Cassar by Art Interview (film made in January 2017 – in French) – 18mn


Great European Prize of Innovation Le Monde-Smart Cities
Interview with Eric Cassar by Le Monde (in French) – 3mn


DI Telegraph, Moscow – Presentation of Endless Home
Speech by Eric Cassar in Moscow with Nicolas Moulin (in English – Russian subtitles) – 30mn


The place of my company in the city of future – Entreprise du Futur
Speech by Eric Cassar in Lyon at the Congress Entreprise du futur (in French) – 23mn


Poetry and architecture
Speech by Eric Cassar in Bordeaux with Julien Blaine and Jean-Paul Loubes (in French) – 72mn



The increase of private sector in the building of the city
Eric Cassar guest of the PUCA (in French) – 2mn


TV Program : « Smart-city : the city will be connected but will it remain human ?  »
Eric Cassar guest of the Actu-environnement TV show (in French) – 38mn





Working with h(e)ar(t)mony
Book by Arkhenspaces and Vinci Facilities



(Re)Think urban politics
PUCA Editions (p226-231)



Mathematics and Architecture
Eric Cassar and the mutualized space (p. 139)






Light in Architecture,  Braun Edition, Chris van Uffelen
CPM offices, Paris, France  (p184-185)


International Competition, Design Media Edition, Jiasi Hu
Prehistory Museum, Jeongok, Korea (p71-72)
House of Arts and Culture, Beirut, Lebanon (p120-121)


Competition Architecture, Braun Edition, Frederik Prinz
Prehistory Museum, Jeongok, Korea (p94-97)


Catalogue of competition works
Center for promotion of science, Belgrade, Serbia


Written press
Les Echos
For a european smart-city – letter to construction companies
October 2019


Les Echos
Notre-Dame : if the churches would be opened for other uses ?
May 2019


Les Cahiers Techniques du Bâtiment n°376 : Smart-city Dawn
The smart-city should increase city aura (platform)
March 2019


Politic forum of private housing
Which housing for tomorrow ?
March 2018


Journal du Grand Paris
Eric Cassar, the magician who dares
Décembre 2017


DLR Magazine
Physical and digital architecture to serve the city of tomorrow
September 2017


Usbek et Rica
Endless Home, a co-living model
June 2017


Le Monde
« Endless Home », the promise of a new housing concept
April 2017


January 2017



A vivre – Quarterly Magazine
Villa D, Viroflay, France (p85)
Villa la Sousta, Hyères, France (p179)
June 2013


October 3, 2012


Faire Faire n°60 – Magazine
Villa la Sousta, Hyères, France (p50-54)
March 2012


Environnement Magazine n°1701
« Start by creating meeting places » (p42)
October 2011


July 6, 2011


Traits Urbains n° 48
The third dimension city
July / August 2011


Tribune Bulletin Côte d’Azur n° 539
Southern star, huge public place open on Nice harbour
June 4, 2010


Chroniques d’architecture
« N-spaces » : monthly column
2018 – 2019


Smart-city of the future : vision by Eric Cassar, Nicola Delon and Carlo Ratti
Octobre 2018


Le Monde
No limit means no city
Octobre 2018


Chroniques d’architecture
Connected buildings, yes, but to what ?
November 2017


Le Monde – Platform
The « smart building » can transform the way we live in the city
October 2017


Usbek et Rica – Demain la ville
The poetic architecture of Eric Cassar
September 2017


Smart Building Alliance
Eric Cassar : a subtle ar(t)chitecture for an endless home in the digital era
July 2017


Caisse des Dépôts
Endless Home : a shared and connected urban housing
May 2017


Le Monde – Platform
The datas in the cities, a common good inseparable from buildings
May 2017


L’Atelier BNP Paribas
The Great Prize Le Monde Smart Cities : a connected, progressive and shareable housing
April 2017
They talked about it : Immoweek , Business Immo and The hub smart city


URBIS Le magazine qui explore la ville
Surprise Container in Taïwan (in french)
November 14, 2016


Regénération citoyenne – 21st century Universities architecture Interview with Eric Cassar in french (30 pages)
October 18, 2013


Inhabitat – Design will save the world
Taichung City Cultural Center, Taichung, Taiwan
October 18, 2013


Architectenweb – Blog NL
Urbain service station, Herten, Netherlands
July 2013


Site web AECCafé Blogs, Sumit Singhal
InstrumenTower, Taiwan
February 24, 2012


Le Courrier de l’Architecte
The year 2011 for Arkhenspaces
December 20, 2011


France BTP.com
Urban service station, Herten, Netherlands
September 7, 2011


Le Courrier de l’Architecte
The year 2010 for Eric Cassar
December 22, 2010


Cyber Archi
The youth of Eric Cassar
September 9, 2009


Cyber Archi
Frontpage : Portrait – The emotions of the young Cassar
September 9, 2009


Cyber Archi
House of Arts and Culture, Beirut, Lebanon
September 9, 2009


International Architecture Competition
House of Arts and Culture, Beirut, Lebanon
March 2009


World Architecture Community, Award Winners (2nd cycle)
Hong Kong Cascade Gardens, Hong Kong – mark 4.7/5
October 7, 2008



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