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Towards a new living


Because the life accelerates and because its cost increases.
Because the settled way of life leaves gradually its place with a partial nomadism.
Because the digital technologies allow to improve and to simplify the management of spaces.
Because the family models multiply and complicate.
Because the family unit modifies simultaneously in the long time (according to the years) and the short time (according to hours of the day).

The housing environment has to evolve. It is reactionary to speak of 2 rooms, 3 rooms…

It has to be transformed (as the office spaces at the appropriate time made it). The housing environment is not any more a number of privatized square meters : it is functions, spheres of intimacy, groups, sub-groups, the exchange, the sharing, the pooling, the light (the shade), the silent (the noise), the heat (the cold).

Our researches design


Housing that are more adapted to inhabitant diversity, preferences and specificities.
A more diffuse housing environment.
A housing environment which integrates the new technologies so as to make profitable in the time the constructed surfaces but also manage better pooling and sharing spaces.
A housing environment which connects and offers more services to the choice.
A housing environment where the border between intimate space, private space and public place widens and becomes more complex in order to reveal uses, better optimized through space and time.
A housing environment adapted to various budgets.
A housing that enlarges inhabit fields.
A housing that increase practices.

That housing environment proposes to share a living together but not inevitably collectively. It suggest more links between inhabitants and facilitates the exchange and the mutual aid.

Eric Cassar 2015


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