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Working with h(e)ar(t)mony


New uses, new work environment in the digital age


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Facing the standardisation of working spaces, the cluttered cities, the carbon footprint expansion, the time acceleration, the new ways of life, and while the new technologies (smart-building) open opportunities : which organization for the working spaces ?

There is an art of living, let me introduce an art of working with harmony in environments that are both linked and bonding, pleasant, surprising, resilient and sustainable.

As with the housing issues in our project Infinity home , we search to re-question our workspaces. We integrate new practices, inter-relation between physical and digital spaces, energy savings that is to say spending the correct amount of energy in the correct place on the correct time, and a better profit of every form of synergy.
To work well, the system is based on digital tools combined with human “conductors” which animate the serviced-spaces. These spaces are easily adjustable and transformable, coordinated according to the needs, the desire, and the possibilities of the users.

The method aims to fluidify and diversify the times-spaces of work relying on the specificity of each employee, firm, situation and on a better organisation and use of resources.

Launching on 2019 septembre 26th in Leonard:Paris


This book is the result of a unique understanding between an architect ARKHENSPACES and an operator VINCI Facilities. We wish it will interest and invite you to implement new ways in order to better transmit your firm values through architecture and to increase appeals and performances of working-spaces… from the smallest (collaborative spaces, co-working, head office) to the biggest scale (national and international network).

Eric Cassar 2019


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A book written in 2018 by ARKHENSPACES for VINCI Facilities
Arkhenspaces team
- Eric Cassar, Iker German, Tinhinan Laoubi, Laurène Vidal, Nariana Defelippo
- Philippe Conus, David Ernest, Lydie Marchand, Kamissa Sacko, Katia Mateu, Justine Robert (VINCI Facilities)


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