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N-dimensional town (urban planning)

From the beginning of year 2008, we conduct researches on a new type of town. The objective is to increase both density and public space area. To create a city more social, more pragmatic, ecological and more poetic where public space extends into the 3rd dimension and beyond …

Increasing cities density (without reducing the quality of life: light, skyline, accessibility …) allows to preserve unspoiled territories and to maintain some natural and authentic landscapes.

This concept has been developed for cities of various sizes with different densities and needs.

ND city

– N-Dimentional town : a concept of sustainable and smart city by Arkhenspaces –
Click to summary presentation in french

A sound video, produced in 2009, shows a 3D model of this type of urban planning for a small town : Promenade in an ND city district, Triel-sur-Seine, France


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